In the world of composite fences, companies come and go. The firm that provided the material shown in the pictures is now out of business, but Trex now has a very nice product, however the availability to the local market is in question. If you are interested in Trex product, please check with us for details. It does make for a very attractive fence or hand rail.

The thing that was nice about composite is the “Green” factor. For the material shown, they had advertised that 1000 plastic bags were used for every x number of feet. To my knowledge, Trex does not make that claim. The other thing about composites is that they are very heavy and are structurally weak. Therefore, most of the posts sleeve a wooden post for strength and the rails attach to the posts with brackets. Vinyl is stronger in that regard in that rails attach to posts which have been routed with a hold in them so that the rail penetrates inside the post.

Composite from plastic milk jugs

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