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We provide and install wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, composite, and glass fences. We install in the ground, on slabs and on top of walls.

Fences provide separation between properties, and give either privacy or openness depending on what is needed. For example, openness may be needed because of either a pool or a nice view. Pool or sprinkler water and the humidity in our area makes steel rust and rot, so for openness the best solution is aluminum or vinyl. Steel fencing is often referred to as rot-iron and that is a misnomer since rot iron does not rust but mild steel defiantly does. Aluminum fencing has the same small profile as steel while vinyl will have bigger members or profiles. Both aluminum and vinyl are good materials around pools since they do not rot or need painting even when exposed to lots of water. Dark colors are not available in vinyl.

For solid fencing vinyl or composites are best since again they do not rot or deteriorate. The color white is common for vinyl, but we have a very nice tan vinyl with a texture making it different from the common extruded material.

Another pool fence option is a removable fence such as made by “Baby-loc”. This uses a net material to keep a child out and uses either fiberglass or aluminum pools that are set into fittings precisely placed in a concrete slab. Lastly, there is a special dog guard fence system that activates a shocking device on a dog collar. If the dog attempts to cross an invisible fence line set by a buried wire the dog will be deterred by a shock.

Glass fences and rails are a final option, and we have custom made them. These are also offered by at least three different manufactures.

We have not been pushing steel fencing because so much of it that is made at the local welding shops falls apart in the field. With high humidity it even rusts from the inside where there is no protection. It is, however, an excellent product for the desert just not recommended for coastal communities. Steel can be finished in such a manner that it definitely resists exterior rusting, but that is a multiple step process and brings the price up to or above the cost for aluminum making it the wrong choice in general. Good steel products are designed so that during installation the factory finish does not get damaged by on site welding. We carry two such steel product lines and at times recommend them where the application seems appropriate.

Vinyl Fences and Gates in Brea, CA

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