Glass fences are ideal for having a clear view and also act as wind breaks. The down side is that they must be cleaned on a regular basis. We can purchase aluminum framed glass fencing or hand railing or we have made it from vinyl. Contact us for a custom design.

Glass in fences is required to be tempered glass. Each panel is custom made and cannot be modified.

To mount the glass, we have used three different approaches. One is to build out own system by installing vinyl posts and surrounding the glass with smaller vinyl profiles that has been modified to create a slot for the glass to fit into. We have had such a system engineered and the key factor is how the post was attached to a concrete wall. Our normal approach is to attach vinyl posts to concrete by using four ½” rebar epoxied into the concrete and to the sleeve that steel with the post. The post is then filled with concrete.

Durarail sells an aluminum rail system for accepting glass and Home Depot sells a metal glass rail system.

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