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Cal Fence Deck & Rail and Pierce Construction & Repair provides and installs patio covers which are either water proof or for shade. For waterproof we use metal, Alumawood, and wood. For shade we use canvas, wood or vinyl. Wood framing roofing is done but is generally not cost effective. Shade patios, when done in wood, require painting that can become a big maintenance issue. To minimize that kind of maintenance, vinyl or Alumawood shade covers are recommended.

Over half of the patio covers built for customers in Orange County are for shade and consist of lattice (2x2s) spaced evenly on the top. If the shade 2x2s are painted wood,they will need painting in a few years, and this is very difficult and expensive. For that reason Vinyl or Alumawood is recommended for patio covers. However, because we get morning dew and some rain, solid water proof covers are also popular. In the case of second story decks, the same applies in that a water proof lid protects both the furnishing underneath as well as the actual structure itself. Structural protection means less maintenance and repairs.

Dry-rot is the main culprit to wood damage in our area, not termites. Termites can be killed, but dry-rot is a fungus and it continues to grow and destroys wood. It must be either cut out or removed. It will occur if water is allowed to accumulate which does not dry quickly. This can be on top of flat beams but especially between wood joints. On substructures we prefer to use chemically pressure treated timbers which resist dry-rot. Sometimes we cover substructure supports members with roofing type paper or vinyl to protect the supporting wood from moisture. We specifically like to keep the designs simple by minimizing the decorative moldings or trim that create cracks and spaces for water to get into and attack the wood. Many home owners allow dirt to build up so that the dirt actually touches support wood for either fences or patios. This situation or where the water just accumulates at the support base, will guarantee that such wood supports will rot out.

Canvas awnings are a very attractive and functional alternative for creating protection. Sunesta has various designs and multiple colored fabrics available, and they include the option of having awnings as fixed units or to open and close either manually or automatically.

We also handle the “Eclipse” a louvered water proof metal roof that can be made to open or close on command.

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