6’ high privacy:

  • Posts are normally 5”x5”x8’
  • Some associations have required 4”x4 posts
  • The rails are normally 1.5”x5.5 by either 6’ of 8’.
  • An alternate rail that cost more is a 2”x6”
  • The panels between the posts are normally 12” wide and are toung and grove (T&G) and fit together
  • Some colors come in 6” wide T & G planks

We mainly install the DuraMax product which is made locally. Another product from Superior that is manufactured in San Bernardino is also available. Both products carry a lifetime warranty and contain 10% or more of the chemical needed to protect the vinyl from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The boards or sticks of vinyl are referred to as profiles. A number of profiles exist and the biggest selection is in white vinyl. The profiles used for the different fences are as follows:

4’ high Picket Fencing:

  • The rails are normally 2”x3.5”
  • Normally the bottom rail has holes cut into in for each picket and they drop into these holes and set on the bottom of the rail.
  • The top rail is made in the same manner as the bottom rail except that holes are cut on both sides of that rail if the pickets are to protrude above the rail and only on the bottom of the rail, if you are buying a closed picket fence. When the pickets protrude through the top, they can be all the same length creating a straight picket fence. It can be cut to different lengths creating a downward scooping scallop fence of curve up creating a rounded top. Each picket that protrudes is capped with either a pointed top or a pointed that has been flatten and is called a dog eared cap.

The privacy fence design has the most colors available for the basic DuraMax product line. These colors include all white and all tan/almond. Mixing also works and we have done white posts and rails with the interior either tan or gray. Some other colors are available in the DuraGrain product line which also includes vinyl with a wood grain.

Vinyl Fences

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